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3D Printed Halloween Articulated Fingers

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  • Unsharp material: The articulated fingers extension is made of optimal latex, with a fixed bracelet, which can be firmly fixed without wearing your skin. It is strong and soft, so it will not break or be damaged easily.

  • Flexible and adjustable finger paws & fit all palms: As flexible as your own fingers, the perfect design of the finger and hand stretcher allows you to reach the maximum range of motion during exercise and is not easy to fall off.

  • Oh My God! You scared me!!! Creepy and realistic gloves, there is no doubt that it will scare your family and friends when you suddenly stretch out your hand and open it. Maybe you will still be punished for this, but it is undeniable that they will ask you again where the Finger skull claw is sold, But it’s too late, because you are the first to use it.

  • An undeniable Halloween horror gift: 3d articulated fingers are used for role-playing, Halloween Masquerade Party, Gifts, Costume Parties, Carnival, Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve Party.

  • Efficient Delivery: We have a professional customer service team and a delivery team. We will reply to your email within 24 hours, and we will ship the product as soon as possible after you place the order. 


"Have you wanted to caress the skull of your enemies sitting on your throne of evil? Or maybe you may just want to pet your cat while you plan how to rule over the world.

Now you can do it with our incredible articulated claws, as always, with style.!"

Our 3D Printed Halloween Articulated Fingers is a pair of such charming and terrifying long claws in every fantasy Halloween collection box. Truly sinister and creepy.

Unlike generic Articulated Fingers, our 3D Printed Halloween Articulated Fingers sits comfortably on your fingers and never falls! They come fully assembled in black/white and are highly customizable with standard acrylic/spray paint..

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!


As flexible as your own fingers

Our claws are a piece of craftsmanship. Made with environmentally friendly materials, slightly hardened and hand-dyed. 

The junction of the paw and the palmare is made of stretchable skin-friendly materials, so they can be well matched to fingers of all sizes.

Easy to put on and unload

"That's right - I think The 3D Articulated Fingers is specifically designed to make people wonder between the fiction & reality, while also having fun, wherever you may be!

''It's just amazing! We loved them. I used them in the gift bags for Halloween. Everyone loved them.I recommend!.''

- Nancy. J, USA

Fits all finger sizes

Updated design for a better fit and more robust.

If you want to resize the finger bases to match yours exactly then you can heat them with a hairdryer or boiled water (just the round parts, not the joining rods) until they are just past warm but still comfortable to touch.

Do it for a few seconds at a time and youll feel the base ring start to soften. Place your finger inside and mold it then remove your finger and let it cool and be done.

How does it moves?

The basic idea of the finger extensions is that it takes the movement of your finger, and extends it to several more joints. 

Isn't it AMAZING?!

Have Any Questions?

frequently asked questions from our most recent customers

Does It break or get damaged easily?

No not at all! It is selected from high-quality materials, strong and lightweight, compact and portable, not easy to damage or break.

Is it flexible? Can we do finger motions easily

Absolutely! The perfect design of the finger and hand stretcher allows you to reach the maximum range of motion during exercise and is not easy to fall off.

Can I Carry any object in my hands using this fingers?

Absolutely! We have received thousands of reviews from people across the globe telling us how the 3D Articulated Fingers are the best and are convenient to carry any objects after wearing them.

Can be worn by women only?

Definately Not! The product is designed and can be used by both the genders.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

You're 100% covered — if they're not for you, send it back within 30 days for a quick, no-hassle refund.

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