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Hand Paper Soap Sheet

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The Easiest Way to Keep Your Hands Clean On The Go!

Washing our hands is always important, but in todays world it is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL! Why not make it enjoyable with the best Hand Paper Soap Sheet available! This is a sheet of soap that is dry, lightweight, and can dissolve with a small amount of water within seconds. 

  • Convenient & easy to use

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Dissolve in seconds

  • Portable and easy to carry

Your New Favorite Travel Buddy!

Designed to suit your travel needs, these portable soap sheets are a must when traveling! Our paper soap sheet is infused with essential oils, instead of artificial fragrance. Smell it when you're down, use it when you need to clean. 

    The Hand Paper Soap is made out of natural ingredients like herbal oil, which acts as a natural hand sanitizer to clear bacteria from your hands.

    The paper soap cover is compact and smaller in size; hence, it will not consume a lot of bag space. In addition, it is very lightweight to carry around, making it convenient for users.

    All you need to do is take out a sheet of paper soap and wash it with water. It dissolves completely in water and can be washed away easily.

    Our paper soap is ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, BBQ or any outdoor activities. Just keep it in your bag for daily use to keep your hands clean and fresh anywhere and everywhere.

If for any reason your Hand Paper Soap Sheet doesn't work perfectly just contact our helpful customer support staff for easy, hassle-free exchanges.


Are these antibacterial?

Yes, This soap kills bacteria. These are great and they lather very well. Thanks for asking.

Is the container plastic?

Yes, the container is durable plastic. Very good product.

Can i get this product from our local store?

No, this is product is exclusively available on our online store for a limited time only.

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