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Mirrored Surface LED Clock

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Tired of your old alarm clock? ⏰

OUT with the OLD and IN with the NEW Mirror Surface LED Clock. Serving multiple purposes featuring ultra-bright LED'sshowing both 12-hour and 24-hour formats from 2 colors to choose from.

This elegant multi-functional clock features the time, temperature, mirror screen, current date, and a LOUD alarm.

Compact and portable for your convenience. It allows use for USB or battery operated (3 AAA batteries). Instruction manual is included.

📦Opening The Box

Auto Night Mode 🌙

The Original Mirror Clock looks stunning during both day and night. It serves as a wonderful bedside night light with touch-sensitive control. The numbers will reflect on the mirror surface and the automatic sensors will dim the display at night.

 Smart LED Display ✨

The Original Mirror Clock features an LED screen showcasing a bold ultra-bright light. The luminance levels can also be adjusted with a simple push of a button on the top.

  Makeup/Shaving Mirror🪒 💄

This clock is designed with a reflective slick mirror as the screen. With it being conveniently portable and lightweight, it serves as a great makeup mirror once turned vertically or for any other use.

  Modern Design ✨

Crafted and elegantly designed by professionals in the field to benefit the consumer and turn heads for any guests that see it. This fits perfectly in any room. Great for gift buying if you want a guaranteed positive reaction!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in 12/24 hour mode?

The 24 hour mode will display military time; ie 13:01 for 1:01 p.m. 12 hour time will display 1:01 at both a.m. and p.m.

How do I adjust the time to the preset time?

You push and hold the top button until it flashes and then pick between 12hrs & 24hrs select one then push top button to change to hours the toggle with other 2 buttons then do the same thing with mins.

Where is the brightness adjustment feature?

Press and hold "+" button for more than 3 seconds. "OFF" displays which means manual mode. In manual mode, press the "+" key to select light brightness : bright - medium - dark level by cycle. Press and hold "+" button for more than 3 seconds. "ON" displays which means auto mode. The default is auto mode, which means the brightness is changing automatically by the environment, when the environment is dark, the brightness is low; when the environment is bright, the brightness is high.

Does it charge Android phones?

Yes, there are 2 USB output ports on the side of the alarm clock. You can use the Android charging cable to charge your phone..

Package Includes:

  • LED digital mirror alarm clock*1
  • USB data cable*1
  • Alarm clock bracket*1
  • Wall sticker*1
  • User Manual*1
  • Packing box*1

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