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Organic DIY Fruit Face Mask Machine

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#1 Brand Leading Industry Fruit Face Mask Machine 

How beneficial would it be to turn all natural ingredients into an extremely healthy face mask ? 

The List of benefits are endless ! Create Your Own Face Mask using healthy natural ingredients in the comfort of your home.

Enjoy Your Favorite Fruit In A Mask

Your own personal face mask , create your own combination of natural ingredients. Such as the juice of the veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers and essential oils !

Suitable For All Skin Types

The most renovating & spectacular face mask is perfect for all skin types. Prepare your organic face mask by juicing your natural ingredients.  

Easy Guided Operation

 Easily understand how to setup your organic face mask with our intelligent voice command function

 Guiding you through the process of how to create your all natural ingredients face mask.

Benefits Of Fruit Face Mask Machine 

Deep Cleanses Pores giving even skin tone.
✅Create your own face mask with natural ingredients.
✅Organic Ingredients hydrates and moisturizes skin
✅Decrease facial breakouts with natural plants, veggies , fruits



  ✔️1x Diy Face Mask – Organic Fruit Face Mask

  ✔️1 x Mask Plate

  ✔️1 x 100ML Cup

  ✔️1 x Cleaning Brush

  ✔️1 x Instruction Manual

  ✔️1 x Mask Knife

  ✔️32 x Fresh Collagen Effervescence



Can I use 100 degrees of boiling water to clean it?

Cannot be used for high temperature water, which will seriously affect the service life of the machine.

Can i mix fruit and vegetable juices with fruit and vegetable grains or pomace?

The skin cannot be absorbed and may block the flow of liquid.

Can I make the mask or wash the machine with 100ml or more than 100ml of water?

No, Machine set total amount 60ML water + 20ML nutrient making mask and 80ML water cleaning


  1.  Honey, Milk and other nutrient solutions are dense, please use water to dilute.
  2.  Make a mask must follow the voice prompts.
  3.  The total volume of the mask machine must not exceed 90ml.
  4.  Do not clean it under the flush water directly .
  5.  During the operation ,do not put your hand or hard objection inside the machine. Keep there is at least 10 CM distance from the edge of the table.


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