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Rainbow Prism
Rainbow Prism
Rainbow Prism
Rainbow Prism
Rainbow Prism
Rainbow Prism

Rainbow Prism™

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🙌 Amazing Backdrop Effect

📱 Easy for Outdoor Photography

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Turn your room into a rainbow heaven!

The rainbow prism will turn any space into a rainbow heaven. It is perfect for brightening up your room and making it unique!

The Rainbow Prism is not only fun to play with but it'll also brighten up the mood! The rainbows will increase happiness and productivity!


Perfect Backdrop for your photos!

Whether you're a professional photographer or beginner the rainbow prism is essential to brighten your photos.

Various Use Case

The uses of prisms run a large gamut, though the use of light reflecting and refracting prisms relate almost exclusively to optical concerns. In a general sense, prisms figure in all manner of fields, including architecture, photography, teaching.

Ergonomic Design

Its not acrylic and it comes in a silk lined box to keep it nice and safe when not in use. You’d be surprised at just how handy a prism will be when you’re photographing various scenes. The way a prism bends light can have some amazingly stunning effects on your shots

Gorgeous Hue

Its best to have the sunlight pouring through a window, and then having part of that room still as dark as you can, so the rainbow can be most evident. If you use a mirror under the prism to reflect rainbow onto wall and ceiling, and set at an angle to get rainbow that is very intense.

Package Includes

1 x Rainbow Prism™

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