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Soap Dispenser

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Hate chores? This bestselling gadget makes washing dishes a breeze!

Whether you simply love useful kitchen gadgets or are looking to spend the least amount of time in the kitchen as possible, this two-in-one soap dispenser is designed with multitasking in mind. 

It stores both your dish soap and sponge and features a unique push-down pump mechanism that applies the perfect amount of soap every time. Keep your kitchen space free from bacteria and ease your daily chore of dish washing and cleaning utensils.

  • Dispenses the perfect amount of dish soap!

  • Rust-resistant & wear-resistant!

  • Saves time & money!

  • It makes dish washing less of a chore!

  • Easy access to dishwasher liquid!

A Tiny-But-Mighty Gadget!

Since it is a tiny but mighty gadget, it doesn't take up a lot of sacred counter space and also eliminates the need to keep out a clunky bottle of dish soap. Rather than relying on a pocket to store dry sponges in, the dispenser holds them in a secure plastic tray that prevents the sponge from falling into the sink.

SAVE TIME AND SOAP: It dispenses the perfect amount of soap onto the sponge every time and can help reduce soap wastage as you can always use a considered amount. Works well with all kinds of liquid soaps.

ELIMINATE SINK CLUTTER: No more messy spills, dripping, or trailing! A kitchen soap dispenser with an attached caddy holds sponges, scrubbers, rags, and scouring pads in one convenient place while keeping water off of kitchen counters.

ONE-HANDED OPERATION: The traditional design requires two hands to extract the soap, this new design integrates a sponge, tray, and soap dispenser that allows the user to extract the soap with one hand.

TIME & SPACE SAVING: Unlike other manual detergent dispensers, this 2 in 1 soap dispenser will drain back the excess soap into the container after pumping and prevent wasting. Just push down with one hand and apply the detergent directly to the sponge to start cleaning. No stopping to grab the soap bottle.

If for any reason your Soap Dispenser doesn't work perfectly just contact our helpful customer support staff for easy, hassle-free exchanges.


Does this product works the same as advertised?

Yes, our soap dispenser works the same as advertised.

Can I get this product from our local store?

No, you'll only get it from our online store.

Will this product work for a long time?
Yes, this 2 in 1 soap dispenser will work for years!

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