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Upgraded Inflatable Air Pillow Travel

"Very easy to blow up and surprisingly easy to deflate.

There were lots of different position options which made this impossible to sleep on airplanes user very happy as I was able to sleep for about 3 hours at my best time. "

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Upgraded Inflatable Air Pillow

  • Easily compressible

  • Head And neck support.

  • Strong balance of cushioning and support.

  • Durable and light weight.

  • Cant be slept in various positions while you rest.

Other Air Pillows

  • Time consuming and cant be compressed easily.

  • Causes pain in the neck and aren't comfortable.

  • Provides only support.

  • Heavy weight and requires extra luggage capacity.

  • Have to sleep in fixed postion, causing stiff and sore neck.

The best sleeping Experience with the highest Comfort!

Full Body Support Travel Pillow: It is an inflatable outdoor pillow which provide face, head, neck and hands support while sleeping in planes, trains, buses, subways and cars

Quick And Easy Inflate: No need inflator, just inflate it via your mouth. Blow about 10 seconds, and then it becomes the multi functional travel pillow very fast.

◘ You can Easily Inflate these Travel Pillow with a Few Breaths of Air,and Release the Air by Press One Button.

◘ These Travel Pillow Made of Soft Cover Fabric, Unique Design Relax and Travel Comfortably in a Natural Forward Position.

◘ The material is soft and hold your head and body in a better ergonomic position, to withstand the full upper body support help you away from stiff neck, sore shoulder.

What happens when you don't get enough Sleep?!

Having difficulty sleeping can also make anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms worse.

What is Restless Sleep?

Most people can relate to the experience of restless sleep. Whether it’s tossing and turning or just never settling into deep sleep, you might notice that you don’t feel as refreshed after a night of restless sleep.

Experiencing Restless Sleep

  • If you’re the one trying to sleep, restless sleep may involve the following issues:
  • Tossing and turning trying to get settled and comfortable
  • The feeling of being only half-asleep or that you’re not sleeping deeply
  • Constant stirring because your mind is racing
  • Frustration with the inability to sleep soundly
  • Not being able to fall back asleep quickly after waking up unexpectedly


Upgraded Inflatable Air Pillow Travel, which provides Full Body Support with  Soft Cover Fabric, Unique Design so that you can Relax and Travel Comfortably in a Natural Forward Position.



Tired of the endless quest for comfort while traveling? Would you like to enjoy your vacation more, increase productivity on business trips, and reduce the stress of traveling?

This pillow is born to make this problem easy to be solved. Hug the comfort pillow and enjoy every minute during your journey with this travel unique pillow. Whenever you are on train, ship, plane, use the frontal travel pillow for more comfortable sleep.

  • You can sleep well like resting on strong shoulders. Just put your head in the middle, and play with your smartphone or tablet in a more relaxing way. This product may make your neck free.
  • The velour-coated PVC made travel pillow can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Furthermore, it doesn’t have an unpleasant plastic smell and the outer velour provides a comfortable touch which is even better for small children to use it as a bed.
  • This travel pillow is the best choice for the business traveler who flies daily, a commuter who takes the train to work, or co-pilot on a family road trip or someone who work in front of the table long time. Also, a great choice for a travel lover. 



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